Julie creates an amazing healing space that I can walk into and instantly relax. She has a natural talent to recognize what her patient needs. Her ability to combine her talents to meet the needs of the patient are ideal to healing. As she describes the techniques that she has used I was so aware how unique each visit would be with her and appreciate how much thought and insight she has for each individual. Being the first time I had experienced Reiki, I left feeling so much more relaxed and connected to myself than when I walked in the door. Originally having a sore neck, the pain was eased upon leaving. I would highly recommend Julie to others so they, too, can experience the wonder of her healing energy.

~Jessica Sleight, Licensed Acupuncturist, Ellicott City, MD


This was one of the best massage experiences I have had. Prior to this session I believed I had to feel pain in order for the massage to be effective. This time the pressure was comfortable and I was able to totally relax. So relaxed I could not tell which digits were being used. Thank you! I would definitely visit again!

~T. Campbell, Administrative Assistant

Baltimore, MD

At the start of the (distant Reiki) session, I had trouble quieting my mind. As a business owner there are many things on my plate, including unresolved questions of prioritization, decision-making, and so on. But afterward I was surprised to find I now had increased clarity of thought and focus. Several of those "loose ends" in my mind had somehow been resolved through the course of the treatment. Along with increased clarity, I also had a comforting feeling of being safe and protected from all harm. My recommendation would be to schedule not just one treatment with Julie, but several, in order to bring balance and insight to your life no matter what your goal is, whether in the areas of health, business, or relationships. Julie has the ability to support and aid her clients on their journeys.

~Karen Wrigley, Author of Beyond Woofs and Whinnies


Julie gave me a myofascial massage of my hands and arms. It felt like I was floating on clouds!

~Sandra H., Baltimore, MD

HEAVENLY HANDS is how I describe a seated chair massage from Julie Payne-Funk as she lovingly and gently pushes, kneads and works with your body! The warmth that flows from her hands is soothing and calming. You feel nourished as you sit there--being transported from the room to wherever you go under her gentle prodding and massaging. Your body gives way to the mindful motion of her caring strokes. When Julie is done, you are not--you simply do not want to leave her chair--the muscles will ask for more as you have melted away under her touch. Truly a transformative experience! So treat yourself to a Heavenly Hands massage from Julie--an experience you--and your body--will remember!

~Reverend AdaRA L. Walton, N.D. and Gendai Shihan, Ellicott City, MD

Reiki Master and Author, Every Body's Truth


Julie did a very nice job with the massage. She was always conscious of asking if the pressure was right. Her massage technique was great and she did an exceptional job of working on my joints (shoulder, elbow, ankle) in addition to muscles. Thank you! I will reschedule.

~Michelle T., Office Manager

Baltimore, MD

Julie, I wish to thank you for the numerous energy sessions I have enjoyed. Whether it is Reiki or Reconnective Healing™, in person or separated by half the country, it always feels wonderful. Each time I feel energized and relaxed at the same time, as strange as that may sound. Truly, I look forward to our next session. I am happy to recommend your services to my friends because I know you are passionate about helping others and your compassion for others shines through. God bless you.

~Reverend Erik E. Weaver, Springfield, Missouri


Just a short note to say a heartfelt "Thank You" for your marvelous energy work. As I said after our session, my body literally vibrated as pent up blockages melted away leaving only a sense of relaxation and peace. It was an amazing experience. Thank you again!

~Steve Carter, CEO, Stress Solutions, LLC, Ellicott City, Maryland


I've had neck and lower back pain for many years and Julie's massage and energy work really improved both areas for days afterward. She has the patience of a saint.

~Rich V., Ellicott City, MD

I have had the opportunity to experience Julie's Reiki on several occasions. It had a lasting effect on me that was not soon to be forgotten. It was an exceptional experience. If I had to sum it up in one word: Wonderful.

~Roger C., Baltimore, MD

Thank you so much, I feel like I'm in heaven!

Meaza S., Miami, FL