Welcome to Solace, LLC - energy work, house blessings/clearings, and classes offered with compassionate care to leave clients refreshed in body and spirit.

What sets my practice apart? A special focus on helping you find your own inner peace. This includes filling up the exhausted emotional and physical gas-tank of daily life.

Together we facilitate your natural ability to heal, giving you the tools to move from surviving to thriving.

About Julie

The name of my business is Solace, LLC, which means a place of comfort and safety. This is the intent behind all the work I do, to create a space for clients that brings stress relief and a return to inner balance.

Often people arrive here not knowing exactly what they need, but searching for something beyond what they've already tried - to have more energy, be at peace, feel like themselves again. My goal is to provide the tools needed to feel better, both physically and emotionally, and also to come into greater alignment on a spiritual level.

Classes in Reiki and Seraphim Blueprint are ongoing. A class can be arranged for you and a friend. Questions are welcome - email me at [email protected]

Seeing myself as a lifelong student of wellness, I’m always on the lookout for new health tips, techniques, and ways of feeling better. It gives me great joy to share these with my clients to help make their journeys a little bit easier. The idea of being of service through a connection to universal source is central to my practice. 

I'm the mother of three wonderful kids, and my hobbies include walking in the woods, practicing Qi Gong, meditation, and being owned by a cat. 

Email me at [email protected] with any questions.